A campaign to raise funds for a video-EEG system

19601/18583 BGN

A campaign to raise funds for a video-EEG

A better future for children with neurological diseases!

We all want our children to be able to receive adequate medical care here in Bulgaria and fewer families to be forced to leave the country to search core for their kids abroad. We form the "Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood" Association — Bulgaria believe that every step in this direction is crucial for the future of our children their better, peaceful life in our homeland.

The first step that our association makes is the launching of a fundraising campaign for buying a video-EEG system for the Pediatric Clinic at the "St. George" hospital in Plovdiv — the only State Children Clinic in South Bulgaria.

This video-EEG system gives hope for a better life and adequate medical treatment to thousands of children here, which are suffering from different neurological diseases. Unfortunately, in South Bulgaria, there is no such system in a state hospital, and the families of the patients are forced to travel abroad or to wait for months to get access to such a piece of equipment.

After we got in touch with several distributors of such equipment, we got a final offer. The total amount of the video-EEG system together with a computer and two video cameras is BGN 18,583.11 This price includes delivery to the clinic and installation.

With this equipment, it will be possible continuous video observation of children with different neurological diseases, along with the EEG studying. This will allow studying of the relationship of the brain signals and the body's behavior.

The clinic has qualified staff, that in real time can monitor the readings from this study, and they can decide how long that should take according to the needs of the patient.

At this moment at the Children's clinic, they can do only EEG during sleep for a short amount of time (usually only around 30 minutes). The new equipment we would like to donate will allow longer EEG observation, alongside with video recording in the hospital room of the patient.

Our end goal is this video-EEG system to be used free of charge by the patients of the Pediatric Clinic at the "St. George" hospital. With its help, many children will be able to get a correct diagnose, condition monitoring, and adequate treatment.

The amount that little Bulgarian heroes need to rely on such a piece of equipment is BGN 18,583.11. We usually associate holidays with kindness and charity. We open our hearts on Christmas, we give hope on Easter. But all the suffering kids need our help every day.

We all, form the "Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood" Association — Bulgaria believe that kindness and compassion lie deep in every one of us, and when we unite our efforts, we can do even the impossible. The amount that we need to raise for the video-EEG system is not that big, but to rise it we need to get to the heart of at least 18,583.11 people donating BGN 1. When all these people get united by a cause, this will give hope for thousands of children suffering from neurological diseases and their families. Hope for future and a better life, here in Bulgaria.