AHC awareness

AHC awareness

One of the goals that we, the "Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood" Association — Bulgaria, have set is to introduce more people to the symptoms of AHC and the problems that the people living with the disease and their families face.

For our mission to be even more successful, we need your help. Any conversation about the disease with a person who has not heard of it, every shared publication about AHC on the social networks, even every public talk about the condition may lead to earlier diagnosis of the next little AHC hero.

It is the insufficient public awareness of that severe disorder that causes the wrong diagnosis in some of the patients. We believe the more people are aware of the symptoms of the disease, the more of correct diagnosis can be made. The earlier a child is diagnosed with AHC, the higher the probability is for adequate treatment and relief, as long as it can be possible before the AHC curing becomes a reality.

Within the campaign, we have involved in the dissemination of information materials in hospitals and public places where more people can get familiar with the disease.

We'll be grateful for every sharing, click, and any link you pass on. It is your actions that can be a reason to diagnose the next little AHC hero accurately.

How can I help?

To support our AHC awareness campaign, you can:

  • like share our Facebook page and our publications;
  • visit the AHC information page, to get aware of the disease symptoms and diagnostic criteria;
  • help us with the dissemination of information materials during our campaigns;
  • follow our blog posts and share the articles.